Autumn Sunset
Apples, pumpkins, fall leaves
and spices – a top-10 fragrance.

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Delicious, sun-sweetened dark
berries warmed with vanilla.

Camu Camu
Tropical oasis of lush
mandarin, camu camu and passionfruit.

Cinnamon Bear
Crisp, spicy cinnamon, reminiscent
of Red Hots candy with a touch of cloves.

Cinnamon Cider
Tart apples balanced with oak
and spicy cinnamon.

Cinnamon Vanilla
Inviting blend of vanilla beans,
cinnamon, coconut and cassia.

Clean Breeze
White florals with a touch of spring;
This is the scent of fresh, clean laundry.

Clove & Cinnamon
Classic scent of cinnamon
sticks fused with cloves.

Coconut Lemongrass
Creamy, tropical coconut and
sunny, bright lemongrass.

Cranberry Mango
A mélange of tropical mango,
cozy cranberry and spicy pineapple.

Cranberry Spice
A generous blend of clove and ginger
help define the sophistication of tart cranberry.

Havana Cabana
Luscious medley of pineapples,
oranges, bananas and berries.

Home Sweet Home
Spicy cinnamon and floral
scent – a must try!

Lilacs & Violets
Perfect combination of lilacs
and violets – the smell of spring!

Lots of Lavender
Calming blend of chamomile
and lavender.

Mulberry Bush
Sweet mulberry accented with
bitter-sweet orange peels.

Perfectly Pomegranate
Dark and juicy pomegranate with
a sweet berry finish; this is a classic.

Skinny Dippin’
Fresh green apples perfectly harmonized
with refreshing melons and juicy pears.

Spiced Orange Harvest
Strong, sweet oranges spiced
with cloves and cinnamon.

Sunkissed Citrus
Lively blend of oranges,
lemons, limes and grapefruit.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Ambiance of raspberries and
sweet pea petals with vanilla.

Vanilla Cream
French vanilla with a touch of
coconut milk.

Verbena Berry
Great twist of citrus and
berries in this fruity explosion.

Welcome Home
Warm and welcoming with
cinnamon and spices.

White Tea & Cactus
A clean, crisp and refreshing
floral mix with green notes.